I have a Satellite Pro laptop. During the past few weeks, it keeps freezing & running slow on startup or when I surf the Internet. I cleaned out all unnecessary files on my computer, and it seems to freeze all the time especially when I am watching YouTube videos. Well, it freezes to the point where I have to un-plug the laptop and plug it back in constantly. I know this does no good to my computer, but I have to do like that way. Any ideas what to do to speed up my Toshiba Satellite?

Thanks for submitting this Toshiba slow question. You will soon know the reasons and solutions behind your computer freezing by reading this!

One of most possible reasons for the frequent tendency of computer freezing up is that the PC overheats. One can try to identify this cause by ensuring that the fan of the computer is working properly. If you are operating properly, but the Toshiba overheats, just take the laptop outside with you to a cooler place to see if its performance improves. Note: it is recommended to get cooler pads can also prevent such overheating. You can also learn more from this article for how to prevent your computer from overheating.

If overheating is not the issue, probably your notebook got a virus or malware\spyware. Hold ALT CRTL and press Delete to start taskmanager Look on the process tab to see if there anything using 100% CPU. Then try using Comodo Anti Virus and scan for spyware and other rogue software. Make sure you can update it and delete everything it finds.

There is a whole bunch of reason that your Toshiba Satellite is freezing, they are too long to list here. But if you want to solve the problem and stop asking yourself “why does my Toshiba keep freezing?” get yourself an easy free PC speed up software and let it automatically fixes everything for you. Don’t worry; the program won’t do anything on its own. You have to tell it what to do. It is so easy to use, sure anyone can do it.

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3 Responses to My Toshiba Satellite Laptop Freezes & Runs Slow after Startup, Why?

  1. online says:

    Thanks ADMIN for the Toshiba laptop running slow fix solution!

  2. clue says:

    Nice post about Toshiba laptop slow fix, the solution is great. I’ll immediately snatch your rss feed. Thanks.

  3. Christina says:

    Anyway, it’s a good computer, and i hope it continues to do me well for years to come, as I am a poor college student, and can’t afford any costly inconveniences. I love my Toshiba.

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