I have been using my Sony VAIO Z Series laptop for quite a while, I mean fine with its performance. But recently it starts running slow & keeps freezing frequently without any reasons. I am sure there is no problem with my PC hardware as it is equipped with Core i5 processor, 4GB RAM etc. Why is my Sony Vaio slow? What can be disturbing its performance? How do I speed my Sony Vaio laptop without adding more hardware or involving too many hassles? Thank you very much.

There are many reasons out there that cause a slow running or freezing Sony Vaio computer. For example, attacked by malicious programs, bloated registry with errors, fragmented registry and hard disk, too many junk files take up the memory etc. Learn more from why is pc so slow for more possible causes.

To start with, when you experience such sudden Sony Vaio pc slow downs, it’s highly likely that your computer got infected. First of all scan your computer with up-to-date antivirus and antispyware software. If nothing is found and you are sure that there are no infections, try the following checks:

  • Check if your hard drive is nearly full. If your hard disk is full get an external hard disk and use it to store large files, like movies, music and pictures.
  • Check if your hard drive has errors. Go to My Computer > right click on the C drive > select properties > click on the tools tab > click on the check now button under error checking. Reset Windows and a check will be done during boot up. Run this check every 3 months. This is can greatly speed up your slow Sony Vaio pc.
  • Clean up junk files – the easiest most thorough way to do this is to use free tune-up software. Many temporary files if not periodically removed and left to accumulate on your system can clog things up and slow your Sony laptop down.
  • Run a free registry scan of your Vaio notebook to uncover all the entries in the registry that are not needed, corrupt and damaged entries that are slowing your computer right down.

Note: these are manual ways to check & fix. For tech pros, it’s easy; For computer newbie, it’s hard. As a result, if you want to resolve the Sony vaio slow or freezing issues more easily, it is highly recommended to use a PC speed up software to deal with as it will save you much time and energy.

Remember to treat your Sony Vaio laptop well and he/she will return the favor.

Good luck!

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