Though I have used my ASUS computer for a few months, never had it got any problems. All programs are upgraded to the newest version. I have the lastest graphics card. But everything still lags and it runs slow when playing games. I don’t get it? Is it the brand of computer I’m using? Does anyone have any ideas on what to do? And I have no time for people who say get a new computer as i cannot afford one.

Before playing a game, always read the minimum specifications your computer needs to be. Nearly all current games require a computer with a dedicated graphics card to run smoothly.

Check what the specs are for that game you are trying to play on your ASUS PC. It should list the requirements such as CPU, memory (RAM), graphics, harddrive space, etc.

But just because your ASUS may lack a graphics card, does not mean it can’t play games. It will be able to play older games such as 2005 games and earlier. It should be able to play any flash game (browser game) as well. And it can play some more recent games, at their lowest ingame settings. So do this. Go into the game’s settings menu, then graphics options, and if it has a detail option (low, medium, high, etc) set everything to low. The graphics will obviously look worse but it should play whatever game you’re trying to play smoother.

If it’s still unplayable, then your computer will not be able to play that said game.

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