I have an Acer Aspire One netbook which has a 32-bit operating system, 2GB RAM and I have only used 40GB of 250GB on the hard drive. Believe me I have tried everything and I have a high quality netbook. I have defragged, cleaned cookies, deleted unnecessary pictures, videos, emptied recycle bin, and a virus scan, but it still runs very slow at startup or when I surf the net. Now I have run out of ideas. So why is my Acer netbook can be so slow & what can I do to fix in order to speed up Aspire One?

Well, as is known to all that a netbooks isn’t designed to be powerful, mainly it is designed for mobile Internet access and small documenting (or music, IM, etc). Since mobility is the main aspect of a netbook, low power CPUs are used to help conserve battery life.

When you are suffering Acer netbook slow performance issues, some common reasons (based on your case) can be seen as below:

  • Overload startup applications or services;
  • Windows registry corrupted or damaged;
  • Poor system security software taking too many resources;
  • Outdated or missing netbook device drivers;
  • Netbook overheating.

How to speed up Acer Aspire One netbook?

**Please note: if you want to fix the Acer slow problems faster & more efficiently, using a PC speed up software is highly recommended.

Here are some free ways to juice up your Acer netbook and make it run faster.

  • Remove unneeded startup programs. Make sure those unnecessary programs aren’t running in the background with these few steps. Learn how to use MSConfig option to get the job done from this knowledge article.
  • Uninstall the poor security program. As a matter of fact, you don’t have to install too many seperate system protection programs.
  • Get a cooling pad. If you feel your netbook is over-heating, and it often hangs. Probably it’s time to let your netbook enjoy some wind or take a sleep.
  • Downgrade the OS. sometimes it’s better to downgrade the OS, which is why so many Acer Aspire One netbooks run on Windows XP and also why Windows 7 netbooks still have a bunch of kinks that need worked out of them. Netbooks shouldn’t have or need that much power.
  • Learn more tricks about how to tune up netbook.
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